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Lillian Too at wofs.com

You might be troubled by rumours and gossip about your love life. Be aware of what is happening right under your nose. But do not let strong words worsen the situation.

Yang Taitai at Chinese-tools.com


Life could be easier for you — but it couldn’t be any more interesting.

Love & Relationships

Someone may appear foolish on the surface, but they have a few surprising words of wisdom for you and your sweetheart.


You’ve got stellar abilities, but that’s no reason to slack off on the job.

Lucky number : 7

Best time of the day : 18h00

Compatible Sign : Tiger, Dragon, Monkey


You could be lucky with money today, perhaps finding a bargain at an antique store that’s too good to pass up. You’ll likely receive several invitations from people and have an enjoyable time on this social and peaceful day. You may have the best time going to something artistically oriented, like a gallery opening or a theater production.


Good luck will be on your side, in love or money, or even both; but in order to deserve it, you’ll have to behave with wisdom and courage. Your professional projects will be favored by fortune. You’ll meet a person who might improve your social position.

Master Rao at AsiaFlash.com

In your work, target your projects, avoid trying to do two things at once. With your children, take time to control their notes and to help them in their homework. In love, you’ll be more expansive than usual. Easy financial situation. Increased vitality, which will be at the origin of your greater self-confidence and your more optimistic vision of life.


You may feel like a paperquake has hit your desk. The damage, if you can really call it that, is likely self-inflicted. You wanted change, and you wanted it yesterday. Well, you got your wish, and now everyone wants you to be the one to clean up and smooth it all over.

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