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Changes behind the scenes

I’ve been awol two days and the WordPress interface has undergone dramatic changes. As a reader you won’t notice any difference, but if you blog and use WP, you’ll notice that they’ve added more details and moved a lot of stuff around.

Not that I’m not one to embrace change, I welcome it, but I am also a creature of habit—I can eat at and order the same dish at the same place every day. Just as I was getting into the habit of posting in a particular way, WP moves the location of categories, tags, and certain buttons.

Imagine if you just got used to and accepted the “quirks” of your spouse and then they change on you overnight! If they change for the better, then I guess that’s good for evolution. Lol…

All in all, the behind-the-scenes posting format looks better and works better, but it just takes some time getting used to. In the past, as soon as you started typing the tag keywords, they would fill in with a prior set of tags you had written. Now you have to retype every single tag. If you make a typo and don’t catch it before publishing, you would be stuck with a new tag that would have to be edited. That’s my only major complaint (makes me want to get rid of tags).

Anyway, sorry for being away. I hope to get back on schedule and charge full steam ahead!

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