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Really thinking out loud

What day is it? I mean, what day are the horoscopes referring to: China time, or just whenever your country falls on that particular day?

Invented in China, the different Chinese astrological systems were used to calculate events happening then and there, using the Chinese lunar calendar consisting of 12 months (and sometimes a 13th leap month) with 29-30 days each. The year falls roughly between the Gregorian calendar’s February through February.

So here’s the question: Let’s say in China, today is already Sunday, April 27, but here in sunny California, the day has just begun for Saturday, April 26. THEN are we in California experiencing the predictions in the horoscopes for April 27 at the same time as someone in China at this very moment or do we wait until the next day to experience April 27’s horoscopes (which would have already happened for China the day before)? Am I confusing anyone?

I am going to have to consult some feng shui masters to learn more. Maybe by mid-June, when I will be taking classes at the American Feng Shui Institute, then I can ask Master Larry Sang for his opinion. Until then, just read your predictions for the day before and day after to see which one is more accurate. And don’t forget to vote!!!

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