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It may seem that petty delays and obstacles impede your progress all day at work. As the playful Wood Monkey seems to be playing little games with your resolute nature today. Your need for a romantic partner may go unfulfilled, release any tensions that you have been harboring to improve your chances in love.



You and that certain someone can become even closer if you share your secret dream.

Love & Relationships

Problems could arise in a partnership today — romantic, business or another type.


Work your mojo!

Lucky number : 29

Best time of the day : 18h00

Compatible Sign : Rat

Master Rao at AsiaFlash.com

Your professional ambitions are certainly legitimate, but it will be necessary to know their price and above all secure the means to achieve them. Here’s a day when amorous passion will fulfill your desires and when you’ll experience new and vibrant sentiments. Your health troubles under the form of diffuse pains will in all likelihood be due to overwork or a depressive state; you must imperatively take rest.

From Asiaone.com

Let yourself be relax with your beloved one, and you’ll be cuddled more than ever. Be on your guard: not anything that glitters is gold and any proposal will have to be examined with the greatest care. Beware of high blood pressure!


You may discover that you have a musical talent, or rediscover your love for the music of a prior decade today. You may be making an addition to your CD or musical download collection. You will find that profound ideas come to you while listening to music.


If you want to progress any matter, especially career or money related, it will be important to put on an all out charm offensive!

Shelly Wu Associates at chineseastrology.com

Today you have the opportunity to take a great step toward achieving your goals.

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