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April poll updates

Thanks to all for voting, Graham (and a few others), and at least to those of you for being loyal readers and commenters (both Kevins) but who don’t vote [rolls eyes], and yet others who like to remain anonymous…

Here are the results so far, with Lillian Too’s wofs.com site being voted as the most accurate site thus far with an overwhelming 12 votes. Master Rao’s asiaflash.com is a close second with 10 votes.

On another note, is anyone as offended by the “Asian Girls for Love and Marriage” ad on the poll results page as I am? There must be another poll hosting site with less offensive ads 🙂 ! Lol! Before any of you head over there to take a look, NO, THERE IS NO NUDITY (unless maybe if you click on the ad, who knows?) so don’t get all excited. I actually know a guy who got a “mail order bride” —very creepy. There are lots of other ways to meet people (forums, chat lines, blogs, and even for pay matchmaking sites)
without resorting to exploiting women in third world countries. Ok, that’s all for my monthly public service announcement, and please, don’t forget to vote!

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