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April poll updates

Thanks to all for voting, Graham (and a few others), and at least to those of you for being loyal readers and commenters (both Kevins) but who don’t vote [rolls eyes], and yet others who like to remain anonymous…

Here are the results so far, with Lillian Too’s wofs.com site being voted as the most accurate site thus far with an overwhelming 12 votes. Master Rao’s asiaflash.com is a close second with 10 votes.

On another note, is anyone as offended by the “Asian Girls for Love and Marriage” ad on the poll results page as I am? There must be another poll hosting site with less offensive ads 🙂 ! Lol! Before any of you head over there to take a look, NO, THERE IS NO NUDITY (unless maybe if you click on the ad, who knows?) so don’t get all excited. I actually know a guy who got a “mail order bride” —very creepy. There are lots of other ways to meet people (forums, chat lines, blogs, and even for pay matchmaking sites)
without resorting to exploiting women in third world countries. Ok, that’s all for my monthly public service announcement, and please, don’t forget to vote!

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Don’t forget to vote!

No, I’m not talking about the presidential election, just vote for the Rat to Pig poll! J/k, seriously though, if you care about who will be running this country (or your respective country) in the next four years, please do cast your vote.

It is through lack of confidence in the power of one vote do we end up suffering the consequences of apathy. No matter who your preference is, exercise your right to elect your leadership and participate in our great democracy!

Ok, that’s enough for my public service announcement for today. Although not as important, but more fun, than the “real” elections, please vote for the most accurate site—not your favorite (the one that tells you what you want to hear, LOL), just the most accurate. Thanks for participating!

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New poll for month of April

It’s the same question, but in the hopes of getting more responses, there will be a new poll to gauge which site you all think is the most accurate in terms of forecasts.

Thanks to the three readers who voted 15 times! Lol, actually, I don’t know how many people voted, but there were 15 votes (one of which was mine!!!) total for the last poll. Here are the results:

Lillian Too’s wofs.com website was the winner with 6 votes.  Second place goes to Master Rao’s site at asiaflash.com. Chinese-tools.com and astrology.com tied for third with 2 votes each. And last, but not least asiaone.com and astrology.ca each got one vote.

How’s that for an unscientific poll? Thanks to all who participated and hopefully, more readers will vote this time around.

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Last day to vote

Today is the last day to vote for which site you think is the most accurate. Then I will put up a new poll for the month of April.

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3 more days left to vote

Looks like the wofs.com website is still ahead, with four winning votes. Astrology.com and Asiaflash.com have two votes each, but there is a new contender with one vote for Yang Taitai’s forecasts at Chinese-Tools.com.

FYI: I’m not sure if this makes any difference in terms of accurate forecasts, but these are the locations of the websites:

  1. Lillian Too at wofs.com —> MALAYSIA
  2. Yang Taitai at Chinese-tools.com —> CHINA
  3. Astrology.com —> UNITED STATES
  4. Asiaone.com —> SINGAPORE
  5. Master Rao at AsiaFlash.com —> FRANCE
  6. Astrology.ca  —> CANADA

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Poll update

So far, Lillian Too’s wofs.com is winning as the site with the most accurate forecasts (with an overwhelming 3 votes!), with astrology.com and Master Rao’s asiaflash.com tied for second (with 2 votes each).

I know people don’t like to vote, but this isn’t politics—it’s F-U-N and a little educational. If you like this site, won’t you please participate in the non-scientific poll to see which source has the most accurate predictions. You can only vote once per day, but feel free to vote every day.

Only four more days left, and then I will set up a new poll (same question) to run for the entire month of April. Thanks for any feedback.

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Are you wondering which site has the most accurate forecasts? Although I don’t doubt the expertise of my sources, I do believe there is a discrepancy in the lapse of time which sometimes accounts for inaccurate predictions. This could be due to the different time zones of the different sites or the conversion from Gregorian time to Chinese zodiac time.

To help decide once and for all which site is the most accurate, I’ve added a poll to the right sidebar. It’s simple to use.

  1. Read your forecasts for the day.
  2. Go to the poll on the right and click on the link to vote for which site is the most accurate.
  3. Poll results will be posted at the end of the month.

You can only vote once per day, but feel free to vote as much as you can (no spammers please!—like they will listen?!) I’ve been warned that this particular polling function doesn’t last long, so I will be adding a new poll for the same question in April.


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