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Have you all noticed that everyone has an avatar now? There is no longer the generic “Mystery Man” for bloggers and those who comment who haven’t uploaded an avatar. (If you didn’t already know, an avatar is a small thumbnail photo or graphic that you can attach to your name—I suppose for purposes of creating an online identity.)

I was going to ask my readers (to the right) where they got their greenish geometric avatars, but found out that it is due to WordPress’ doing. They decided to make a default “Identicon” avatar that uses some kind of mathematical calculation based on your email address to create a unique avatar. Now, every time you comment on a WordPress blog, your “Identicon” will show up next to your name and follow you wherever you comment.

There are also default avatars that assign cartoons or monsters to those without one, and the option (to blog owners) is available to have the Mystery Man back.

Most of the bloggers who have commented on WordPress’ announcement page, like the new avatar options and say that it makes their pages look better. However, I rather like the “Mystery Man” icon. There is a certain air of “mystery” that he brings: who is this person who just made a comment? where are they from? why are they on my blog? do they have a blog also? oo la la…

But I am also OK with the new changes. I’m going to try the cartoon or monster default avatar option now, so check to the right next to those who comment to see how it looks.

I guess more options is always better than none?

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